Sunday, July 12, 2015

The day before you travel

I'm leaving tomorrow to spend a week in another country. It's an experience I have had so many times over my life, but for some reason I am full of fear. I enjoy being there, I enjoy arriving there - I just don't enjoy preparing to go there. 

Today I have been deciding which bag to take. I don't want to stand at the carousel waiting for bags. I want to exit the flight, exit the airport building and arrive in the country. For whatever it's worth, my arrival really only happens when I put my bag on the floor of the place where I will sleep and close the door behind me. That makes the journey very long. Not just the flight but the drive to the airport, the waiting in the airport and the lining up at the gate. Then there's the boredom of the flight, the journey from the airport (in this case a bus and then 2 trains). I expect to be in traveller mode from 8 AM until 6 PM. I feel tired just thinking about it.

I've been organising car parking, boarding passes, travel insurance, and a heap of other stuff. It feels like a day job going away like this.

When I get where I'm going I plan to rest. I plan to sit with a coffee and just watch everyone rushing about while I finally get to do nothing but rest and relax.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A message to anyone out there.

Hello to anyone out there reading this.

I certainly took my time to decide if I would keep on writing on this blog. I checked in tonight for the first time in a year. Anyway, I'm going to keep writing. Why? That's easy.

I sometimes just feel the need to put something out there. I'm not writing for anyone in particular, not even for myself. I just like to take a thought that is trapped in my head and to set it free without it disappearing forever.

Right now I am thinking about a trip that's coming up this weekend. I'm taking my eldest son to England to go and watch his (and my) favourite football team. It's not important which team we're going to see, what's important is that I'm bringing him to do something that I never had a chance to do when I was his age.

It kind of feels like a really important thing but I can't quite articulate why. The worst thing is that I'm pretty excited for him (and me) but he's kind of laid back about it. I suspect on the inside he is pretty excited but he doesn't tend to show it.

Anyway - that's on my mind today and will be right up until we leave on Friday afternoon.

That's all I'll write for now. I feel good that I have decided to give this another go. If there's anyone out there who has been dipping in to my blog over the years in the off chance that I am actively writing again - something switched back on in my mind this week and I just feel something pulling me back to the writing.. so here we are again.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Time for this blog to end?

Wow! It has been a long time since I made a few regular posts on this blog. Lately it has been one posting, then a really long gap, and then another.

I have been thinking about whether I want to let this blog just kind of fall away and wither.  I want to create another one, but for a different purpose, and I kind of feel like it would be weird to have two different blogs.

I'll ponder it tonight and tomorrow and make a decision then.

Looking back, there are lots of interesting posts on here, well I think they are interesting anyhow!

It would be a shame just to close this down and never come back to it again.

If you think there's any point in keeping this blog alive, maybe you might leave a one or two word comment. That way I'll know if anyone out there cares.

Bye for now.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sometimes being honest is not always the best approach.

I think I am very open and tend to be very trusting with my thoughts and opinions. I don't think there are any deep-lying motives that lurk beneath the surface that have bad intent attached.

I think I am giving freely the information that I have or believe.

It can come back to bite but I am big enough and perhaps wise enough to be honest about that too, to admit when I have spoken unfairly or have been wrong to share my opinions, or that they were just not an accurate reflection of the reality.

I don't want to be the kind of person who withholds information and mistrusts others. I guess I have to learn to live with the reality that sometimes I can get it wrong and can upset people.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My mistake


forget I said anything.

I interpreted something as if it was all about me, and it wasn't.

End of story.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maybe I upset you?

I'm kind of stuck. I did something last week that I thought at the time would not be a big deal. In hindsight, maybe it was a big deal and maybe I have upset you.

I, of all people, should have known you would have been upset at feeling excluded. That was never my intention.

Maybe I am making a big deal out of all this, but I know you a long time and I think I understand how you are likely to have interpreted what happened last week.

I tried contacting you, but you seem to be ignoring me. I'm hoping that you are away or some other problem is preventing you from seeing my messages or from replying to them.

A little voice is telling me, however, that you are really pissed with me. I understand that and respect what you are feeling about what I did.

Monday, November 21, 2011

6 hours in the car...

photo by mcdarius via

Almost six hours in the car today, driving on the motorway to Limerick and back again. Motorway driving in Ireland is really boring nowadays. Nothing to watch but the concrete barrier on the right, to avoid crashing into it. And maybe a fence way off to the left, for the same reason.

I had to stop after 2 hours because I was becoming hyponotised by the humming of the tyres (well not exactly humming, whatever that sound is.. the uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh-ing). Coffee and a donut (strictly for energy purposes) later and I was grand again.

 Repeated that trick on the way back and finally stepped out of the car and into the house again. Now to repeat it on Thursday.

Need to get myself a new ipod FM transmitter, one that works.